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You’re a Hot Mess and I’m Falling for You

CMC-JMA Graduates! With KJ and Bia. (Pic by Brian Catbagan)I send my pardon to Cobra Starship but I have a very relevant question to present: WHAT THE FUDGE IS THIS KIND OF HEAT? It started a day before my graduation when I urged strongly my mother to let us hang out in the mall. She was gladly willing (or just because the heat too was killing her) so we brought my eight-year old niece Belle along, and proceeded to the air-conditioned consumerist establishment to escape altogether the scalding indoors.

Came my graduation day at UP Ampitheatre right before the univ grad even started, I was with my batchmates waiting under the insufferable sunlight. We were tanning ourselves in classy not to mention itchy Filipiniana. We were being held holocaust to a mighty power that is a medium-sized star. Que horror! ( Read more…)

You Don’t Know What I Did Last Summer

wonderful summer. boring… not

Slide show lang. Na-bore ako eh. So as to update people how boring wonderful my summer was. Imma loser.

( another stupid video )

Love is a Bottled Milk

1. A couple of days ago, a bunch of Paulinian batchmates and I went into another classmate’s house who did gave birth just last week. She has a cute, fair-skinned (now, why did I include this? It sounds so incriminating), healthy baby boy and we spent almost the entire afternoon just ogling at the adorable infant and taking pictures of him: He looked like he’s already one-month old. Hehe. Even if this incident of young motherhood happened, I’m so relieved that all of us were all watchful of not being so conceited of being all “pure and clean.” The kid was the first-born of practically everyone from St. Lorenzo Ruiz 2005-06. Lol. But seriously, he has gotten all our love at once.And if you happen to be a classmate of mine reading this, and has a Multiply account, you gotta add me (luisitoo) to see the pictures (of us with the kid) HERE.

Shet, hindi ako nanonood ng Maging SIno Ka Man pero nainspire kami to dress like em unwaringly. Lol!

PS At the same day, Keneth was asking me if I had watched American Pie: Beta House (sixth installment).

BARRY: Not yet. I only have American Pie’s One to Five in a DVD-9.
BARRY: American Pie Four: Band Camp has got to be my favorite.
KENETH: Eww. That totally sucks! Of all the other installments, that’s the one I hated most.
BARRY: Why? I liked it. It’s not so obscene unlike the others. It’s kinda wholesome. So why do you hate it then? ( + )

Babangon Ako at Mumumugan Kita

Because I really longed for summer that I could have risked my life for it (lol!), I have made a pseudo-checklist for the things that I wish to achieve right after feasting on the second semester. Many of you out there who’re gonna be taking summer classes should better not view this, or you shall perish from precipitous envy. =p My routine has been: bangon, mumog, kain, toothbrush, ligo, lakwatsa, uwi, kain, ligo, tulog. And the cycle goes on.

my summer checklist

Yes, videoke-ing is in my list. Lol. Anyway, the April Fools’ Day bomb diffused before me knowing- April 1 birthday celebrator Carol asked everyone days before to ‘notify’ me that her party was over, Shit, I exclaimed. I dunno if I were to believe them. But then, everything was a joke: Carol hasn’t partied yet, not until the party liaison (ME) was back. Hehe.

( How I celebrated April Fools’ )