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Shredding Abstracts

The Start of a Colorful Revolution (Pic by Party Shaker)

Two days after the graduation ceremony, we in the UP College of Mass Communication threw a night that would’ve started a “colorful revolution.” Held in Prestige Tower Roof Deck, more or less 50 recent alumni, pseudo-alumni and aspiring alumni (Hello, B-an!) made a fool of themselves making it one of the most fun and funny nights I ever had. ( Read more… )

Stop Right Now

One Tiring Day (Pic by Ronin Bautista)

I am writing this blog entry longhand. I think it’s interesting to sway back from Tope (my laptop after sleeping with him for God-knows-how-often) for a while. I remember a Jessica Zafra post claiming that a handwritten piece of a writer is a literal extension of himself, such that you can read his personality from the way he curves or slurs or crosses out words and sentences or inserts that omission mark. I believe though that this has been originaly what I wanted to do: Bowing my head, listening to my thoughts, jotting down with G-Tec, and clearly escaping from everything. ( Read more… )

Bluer than Deep Blue

Today I felt utter rejection. And no amount of banana fruit shake from Mister Kabab can make it possibly better. Long story but the bottom line is that I found out that I am still on the brink of NOT graduating. My thesis adviser affirmed of it. There’s still a chance that I’ll get myself delayed with the horrors of thesis. My mom called a while ago to ask when will I have my gradauation barong sewn. I just madly answered, “I’m in the middle of finals. That barong won’t rush.” And so…

I really want to escape. To be wild. To be free once more. My last semester in college has been a theme park and I hope it will be really my last in the first place. I can’t afford to not graduate. Not now, please, not now. I’m not trying to be an attention magnet here but I really need support. Especially yours.

It’s All Coming Back

Pub LAKAS! (Pic by Myself)

And so I actually returned. Funny how I can still blog after all the stress pounding on my face lately. I must admit, 2010 opened with a blast. I’ve been really squeezing myself to fit in all appointments (academic, extra-curricular and social). Being busy has made me be oblivious of how fat time flies (Read: graduation in two months!). And so before you start flogging me with my emo-ness, I’ve prepared a pictoblog for you, guys. Enjoy! ( Read more… )