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Just so you know, I still miss blogging…

Dear blog, happy fourth anniversary to you! I never thought you will survive until this day of microblogging. It seems as if it was just yesterday that I was ranting on my inconsiderate, high-strung badminton professor who gave me a whopping 3.0 for a grade despite my insurmountable effort and skillz. These kinds of hate posts I would vent on you. We both have come so far.  You must know how much I truly love you. ( Read more… )


The Antisocial Network

Dear blog,

I’m sorry for haven’t been updating you. It’s just that I’m preoccupied to the point that I almost can’t even breath. It’s like I’m trapped in a boudiour where drag queens are also free to come in, making the room more crammed than ever. I’m having so much fun though. It’s like I’m always on an adrenaline rush. Which means I don’t have to spend for any cardiovascular session in a health buff parlor aka The Gym.

With my new graveyard schedule, I am nothing but fascinated. And I’m not being sarcastic cos really… I love the wee hours. Someday I just have to be bestowed with a good slumber and I guess I’m good.

During my shift, the newsroom is unbelievably cold and quiet. But with my ANC crush in the other alley, I ain’t complaining.

And since it’s December 1 today, guess Christmas is just around the corner. Look! There’s snow falling down in my blog!

Rushing (again),


Live like We’re Dying

“Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it” – a classic Cady Heron line, I know. But with its proximity to the first days of November, which means Undas, and the recent natural malevolence going on, I think the recent theme has been death. From Paul the Octopus to Kookie Ramirez to Indonesians to Blake-Penn romance, death is all over! ( Read more… )

The Big Bum Theory

If I’m not mistaken, I’m the only one in our batch who doesn’t have ‘work’ yet. Okay, I’m exaggerating. But I say I’m the only one who’s not that scouring  hard anyway. (I contribute for a pop culture weekly, and not a regular at that, so FYI it doesn’t count.) As much as possible, I try to rely on chance. You can laugh now.

For one, I blame this watertight fact on my being a slacker. I spent the whole month of August–and until now actually– of pure vacation. Hence two other results: 1) I fattened up; and 2) I felt envied by my working classmates who’re already feeding themselves with their own hard-earned cash. ( Read more…)