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Fade to Black

One subtle symptom that you’re (kinda) missing college is when you long to be that then asinine, happy-go-lucky freshman who had to look up to some upperclassmen for “guidance.” I especially felt that way recently when I had to go to an org event care of Kea saving my shrunken wallet. I had to be fine  foremost with being called an alumnus when some meager 15 units passed like it was just, uh well, yesterday. ( Read more… )


It’s All Coming Back

Pub LAKAS! (Pic by Myself)

And so I actually returned. Funny how I can still blog after all the stress pounding on my face lately. I must admit, 2010 opened with a blast. I’ve been really squeezing myself to fit in all appointments (academic, extra-curricular and social). Being busy has made me be oblivious of how fat time flies (Read: graduation in two months!). And so before you start flogging me with my emo-ness, I’ve prepared a pictoblog for you, guys. Enjoy! ( Read more… )

You can tell Jesus that Barry is Back

Nope, not blasphemy. It’s just me blogging once again.

Not Drunk. With Lour and KJ at the UP JMA Xmas Party (Pic by Dannah Tan)

How long has it been? A month-long hiatus is unforgivable perhaps, but anyway here I am: Restoring back my stats, showing people that I still exist (that may be unfortunate to some), and most of all, etching my last memories of 2009. I love this blog; I owe this passion to you my readers a lot. I can only leave this blog if I had a permanent writer’s block. Which is impossible for me since my mind (and mouth) CANNOT shut up. I always need something to store my absurdities and occasional relevance, and IDIOTBOX has been that enclave for more than three years now. ( Read more… )

The Flossy, Flossy, the Glamorous

Barry and Alumni

Barry and MCO Alumni

Last Friday night was, in my about four years of membership, my very first MCO Night. Happening only once a year to culminate the student organization’s anniversary, resident members and alumni would raid their closets to look good, gorgeous and g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s in a civilized— well, theoretically— dinner. I’ve gotta look dazzling, I then thought. Turned out, I was among six other guy orgmates asked and/or tasked to dress… in drag. ( Read more… )