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The Big Bum Theory

If I’m not mistaken, I’m the only one in our batch who doesn’t have ‘work’ yet. Okay, I’m exaggerating. But I say I’m the only one who’s not that scouring  hard anyway. (I contribute for a pop culture weekly, and not a regular at that, so FYI it doesn’t count.) As much as possible, I try to rely on chance. You can laugh now.

For one, I blame this watertight fact on my being a slacker. I spent the whole month of August–and until now actually– of pure vacation. Hence two other results: 1) I fattened up; and 2) I felt envied by my working classmates who’re already feeding themselves with their own hard-earned cash. ( Read more…)

Barbecue of Roses

A century ago– meaning some weeks ago in the regulations of blogging– I hung out with fellow high school bums Yayi and Ralph, and altogether hunted for the mouth-watering barbecue of Tower Café. It was an effort to quell my personal issues with being a lost, rudderless graduate. They too were as quite as anxious about… I dunno. Yeah, the things we do to lick our wounds. BBQ=FTW. ( Read more… )

Waking Up in Vigan

To get away from some job-hunting predicaments, I finally decided to spend some vacation days here in Ilocos. (No, actually my father decided it for me, thanks.) Beforehand, it felt weird that the Partas bus station was almost desolate— me being used to lining up for tickets with fellow passengers in bomber jackets (aren’t there any OTHER type of jackets to wear during travel?). But whatever now. ( Read more… )

The Lost Boy

[Twas originally posted last Thursday night in my Facebook notes. Perhaps, the most traumatizing event in my campus life.] So how bitter can I be with thesis? During the holidays, I spent one-fourths of it eating, sleeping and drinking. And the rest on plain worrying about thesis. I seemed to have alloted a lot of time developing teen wrinkles. I couldn’t help it, our deadline for the first draft attempted to start the year with its own… and with fireworks. ( + )