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Diet Another Day

I’m not a healthy person, that’s pretty obvious. Vegetables are my mortal enemies; I eat veggies when I just feel like it. I better sing Journey’s Open Arms than stuff my mouth with anything that belongs to the “Glow” food. I like lettuce coleslaw, malunggay and broccoli, and so on, though. My mom’s post-stroke case has led her to watch her diet with the copiousness of, eww, gulay. Everybody listen now! ( Read more… )

Veggie By Golly Why

I’m 98% carnivore. I just ate vegetables for three reasons: [1] when I’m a welcomed guest in someone’s home who incidentally serves veggies; [2] when our fridge itself has no meat in attendance; or [3] when I’m drilled to pure curiosity (huh?). That’s right, skweezer, I was one of the kids in the block who instituted the club upholding the vision-mission- “No to Veggies. No to parents who feed their kids with Veggies.”

But I was overacting then, I made sure that not a morsel which belongs to the ‘fresh, leafy and green’ contingent gets into my pansit, sabaw and/or pizza. And slowly from high school up to now, I have been extending my limited list of vegetables which are personally “edible”. Before, I do considered the vegetarians, especially the vegans, as the weirdest people on earth. But come on, I never knew why they pledged themselves to this singular lifestyle. Maybe it’s because of ( This Restaurant )

Malunggay Ice Cream

04.27. It’s been long since I’ve gone to ostentatious yet underrated town fiestas. I’ll just keep remembering the good o’ days when I would be so timid and scared to melt into the faceless crowds that I’d rather clutch to my mom’s tee.

And so last Sunday, I went with some high school friends in Twenty Grand Salaried Man’s for their town fiesta. We rode a bus to get there and it was quite intriguing and at the same time amusing that the people inside stared at us as if we were terrorists camouflaging by a ludicrous attempt to look ultra-fashionable (lol, kidding!). ( Moving on, we tasted some exotic flavored ice cream )