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Run Joey Run

War Horse by Steven Spielberg uses the effective formula the director has been known for all his life: Ordinary people facing a tsunami of epic events. Albert (Jeremy Irvine), a hopeful son of a drunkie farmer, adopts and, eventually, falls in deep, sibling-like connection with a horse. The horse named Joey is strong as the Noah’s Ark. The relationship between Albert and Joey goes against the world—even in the midst of war. ( Read more… )


A Thousand Times Over

The Kite RunnerWhen you feel guilt, you drown yourself in it. Sooner, you achieve redemption. But let’s not oversimplify things: Guilt kills like drinking spoiled milk for breakfast, or worse like Miriam DS, death threats. Redemption meanwhile makes you lose things, sacrifice. These two make Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner a profound read. One for the ages.

A simple plot slices the Afghanistan complication— a Sunni rich jealous kid Amir and his Shi’a harelipped Hazara playmate Hasaan. They’re frenemies that so much we can tell. They happily go climbing on trees, dirtying  their clothes,  watching movie screenings… together. But to much family discord, Amir betrays the latter, and kicks him out of his house. Moreover, he follows the trails of his childishness and cowardice, as he grows dazed in  a vacuum of lies. So much lies. ( Read more… )