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I Dreamed A Double Dream

Dear fortunetellers, soothsayers, astrologers– both Western and Vedic practitioners– and those who just infer that something is written in the stars, I have a very important case for you. First dream last night: I came back to St. Paul all-perky, and randomly all my high school teachers were persistently convincing me to become a… PRIEST. Is that normal? Me? A priest? Curse the Vatican now. ( Read more… )


Three-fourths Crazy

UP GP 2009

How would I describe last Friday? Kireiiizeee. Crazy. The theme diffused at unimaginable levels alongside the national walk-out and the Gawad Plaridel 2009. On the former, I could hardly forget my friend Lui from telling us how the student activist blocked fellows on their way to class, “Ang crazy nila ngayon, grabe.” Of course, the strike was a political issue for me, and was to be taken very seriously. Some apathetically stubborn professors just won’t let us go! Screw them! ( Read more… )

Lend Me Your Fears

Astraphobic, anyone else?We all have phobias. I myself am guilty of my occasional fear (and disgust) on rats. But Pikachu is an exception.

  • Astraphobia – Fear of thunder and lightning. I actually was traumatized when I was a kid; what happened was I climbed upstairs in our room to get back my toys in a middle of a storm. When I was about to exit, a purple crack sparked on both my sides. I didn’t know what the hell just happened.
  • Nosocomephobia – Fear of hospitals. When I was in third grade, I was diagnosed with H-fever, making me to skip classes for almost a quarter. I almost died, or at least I believed I did. And then last year, my dad was entered into the ICU. I hate hospitals. And death.
  • Autodysomophobia Fear that one has a vile odor. Rude much? Nah, I just don’t want my self to stench especially if I just bathed, ye know. I think this is normal. ( 7 more fear factors!!! )

Only Selfish Love

im not that vainAfter terrible years of dispassion had I only learned a new thing about My Self: I AM VAIN. Narcissistic. Egocentric. Conceited. Swollen-headed. Self-absorbed. Self-centered. Self-loving– (I could go on, you know). I am a Venezuelan, so to speak.

It suffers a certain amount of humility though to accept this… this, this… fact (you see what I mean?). I am vain. The evidences are clear…

1. I like my name, and proclaim its profoundness. It’s the URL of this site and mostly my accounts are named after my, uhh, name.

2. I see a mirror and stare at it for not less than two seconds. Technically, that’s too long especially since a tinted window of a car in a car park could only take so much. I’m glad it doesn’t shatter to pieces, or that no one’s behind it broadcasting my hideous facial expressions in a gag show.

( Seven more evidences that I so late discovered, what a zilch! )