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Back to blogging

I was chilling out at Xocolat, Katipunan last Saturday with my friend Aien, who later asked me to help her build a “real” blog. By real, she meant something that shows some personality, and with no-nonsense, original content. I suggested she try out WordPress, the platform which I’ve been using for the past four years. I then gave her a little tutorial about how it works. Then it struck me: I miss blogging, and the entire experience of it. ( Read more… )

Hey June! (Don’t let me down!)

We’re in the second half of the year and I’ve barely even noticed it.  I’m expecting a lot to accomplish in the remaining months so I’m just sticking to how The Beatles would deal with it: “Hey (June), don’t let me down!” I have to put my game face on and start with a clean slate. (If anyone cares, I’ve freshened-up this blog’s theme c/o the fluorescent Mystique.) I have, however, yet more to achieve in the next book of my 2011. Let’s go, self! ( Read more… )

I whip my New Year back and forth

Oh, look at that: It’s fuckin’ 2011 in a day. Cliché as it may sound but I really can’t believe time flew that fast. As in FAST!!! I’m now out of college, I’m kind of living on my own, I’m kind of earning for my crap and I’m… choked!  All that in a year?! Honestly, this 2010, I’ve been through a lot and so for 2011, I want myself a more steadfast, cool and non-harassing 365 days. No drama and no wars. ( Read more… )

Fade to Black

One subtle symptom that you’re (kinda) missing college is when you long to be that then asinine, happy-go-lucky freshman who had to look up to some upperclassmen for “guidance.” I especially felt that way recently when I had to go to an org event care of Kea saving my shrunken wallet. I had to be fine  foremost with being called an alumnus when some meager 15 units passed like it was just, uh well, yesterday. ( Read more… )