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Survival of the Freelance

It has sporadically occurred to me that living a freelance prostitute writer life is difficult. Every time writing gigs drop by my doorstep, I have to grab them pronto before some snotty fellow does the nipping. This life strives to be very Spencerian and admittedly, at my young age and subatomic ~network*~, I’m actually hard up on earning real monehz. Apart from that, this life’s quite fun for me who’d rather prefer “flexi-time” best. ( Read more… )


So long, Newsroom (at least for now)

Tonight is officially my last as a mobile staff/ writer/ semi-reporter of I’ve resigned May 31—just in time the summer heat rockets its way out of the country. (If you’re trying to know why I resigned, you won’t find anything beyond this sentence.) I will welcome the rainy months by leaving both my first regular job and the people I’ve learned to love while at work. At least for now, goodbye bustling Newsroom. ( Read more… )


A blogger’s life used to be different, back when those self-gratifying social network sites weren’t still much of a fad. A blogger’s life was pretty simple: The blogger does, witnesses and reviews activities, and eventually put sthese accounts on a journal in reverse-chronological order.

I used to blog at least once in two days. I make a story out of the most commonsensical anecdotes that will sound like a torn-out leaf from a schoolboy’s diary. I wrote about annoying professors, horrendous films and TV shows, parties, crushes, more crushes, and B-plus opinions on politics and the social scene. Apart from the cheese and corn pouring out of my blog posts, the most important thing for me was that I could write.

Then again, times have obviously changed… I barely blog anymore.

For one, my other foot is buried in the corporate grave. Believe it or not, I barely check my Facebook now. (Fine, I tweet regularly, but that deserves another blog post). Internet surfing revolves around the latest news. I can’t even afford to like a post on Tumblr now. I have softbound books pending. The last time I actually exercised was in the time of Abraham, yes, the father of Isaac. To sum it all up: I HAVE NO LIFE.

If I was in a musical, I could’ve just easily sang the first lines of Elphaba Thropp in her Defying Gravity number: “Something has changed within me. Something is not the same.” I could’ve belted it even better than Idina Menzel!

I dunno, perhaps I just miss writing—and not the writing I do in the newsroom. What I miss is the  kind of writing which usually helps the blogger clear both his heart and mind after zealously ending a post with a period.

There was Barry and his life. And it was Beautiful

I’m NOT sorry for the hiatus.

Really, that picture does not exactly reflect my mood as of this moment. I was butchered by Journ121 and Speech121 respectively. I mean, I’m pretty ecstatic that almost four of my subjects this semester are NOW over. That should translate to a lot of sleep and rest but sadly… my minions, NO.

I could be blogging about my mini-crush instead coz we had a lot of moments together that made me act so scatterbrained. But aside from the given fact that I’m already scatterbrained, I think baka mabasa pa niya to. Haha. I don’t wanna get busted by my classmates again. Pero just gimme some “Barrydontbepakipot-tellthestoriesna-youbullshit” talk and I might perhaps blog EVERY THING. Lol. But I repeat, She Has A Boyfriend.


I’ll miss my 121 pack, both from Journ and Speech!

( Now let me tell you the story… )